How to Use Acrylic Paint to Create a Sunset Landscape

Finding creative outlets can help ease daily tensions that may arise in normal work. Finding a way to relieve stress or anxiousness in a creative way, can help alleviate uncomfortable feelings or, at the very least, help ease your mind by providing a distraction. I would suggest creating something at least once a week to release frustrations from your day. For me, painting is one way that I can really stress and anxiousness about classes, homework, or work. If using acrylic paint is interesting to you, this how-to blog should provide an easy tutorial for you to follow. If you’re new to acrylic paint, no worries, just follow along!


  • A variety of acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes (preferably multiple sizes)
  • A medium to paint on (canvas, paper, etc.)
  • A flat surface or easel to set medium on
  • Glass/cup with water
  • A pencil


  • Plastic bag (to protect surface you are painting on)


  1. Place canvas on the surface you plan on painting on.
  2. Get your background a solid color, preferably white:: You can achieve this buying a white canvas or painting a colored canvas white.
  3. Gather sunset colors of your choice, I prefer a red, a yellow, and an orange.
  4. Begin by placing the darkest colors at the bottom, in streaks from left to right across the canvas:: Choose a gradual change in colors (dark to light from bottom to top), as you go up the canvas.
  5. Once all the colors are placed on the canvas, grab a thicker brush and start slowly moving the brush back and forth from left to right
  6. Start from the bottom and progress up:: Experiment with your creation and design it the way you want it to be. Don’t be afraid of going off book. That is all part of creating.
  7. Once the painted background looks the way you desire, start by outlining shapes in pencil on the bottom of the canvas:: These shapes can be trees, animals, buildings, or people. Make this design your own.
  8. Once the background is outlined as you desire, use a thinner paint brush and black paint to trace your outline.
  9. After the outline is achieved in black acrylic paint, you will then use black to fill in all of the shaded area below the outline:: This creates a sunset look with a darker foreground:: Using dimensions in your paintings allows for a deeper and more intimate picture.

That is how you design in acrylic paint sunrise setting. During most of the instructions you will notice that I talked about, “the way you desire.” this is especially important when creating anything. No two paintings will ever look alike, and it is important, especially if it is your painting, that you like it. Art beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so behold it.

I hope that you found this tutorial easy and fun to follow, whether you are a seasoned painter or a beginner. My goal is to encourage more people to pursue creative pursuits. When people choose to be creative the world is a more beautiful place. Choose to be creative; choose to make something beautiful.

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